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Please Enable Flash or Download the Desktop App

Looks like your browser's dosen't have flash enabled. You can either follow the browser specific instructions below or download the desktop app.


  1. Click "Secure" to the left of the url
  2. Next to flash - click the drop down to select always allow on this site
  3. Reload the page


  1. Firefox, if up to date, should automatically ask to activate flash, simply click allow and remeber

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Gear Icon on the top right of your browser
  2. Click Manage Add-ons
  3. Right click on Shockwave Flash Object
  4. Click More Information
  5. Click Remove All Sites
  6. Click Close
  7. Ensure Shockwave Flash Object is Enabled
  8. Reload the login page
  9. Click Allow when prompted at the bottom


  1. Click Safari on the top left
  2. Click Preferences…
  3. Click Security
  4. Click Plug-in Settings…
  5. Ensure Adobe Flash Player is checked
  6. Under “When visiting other websites:” select Off
  7. Under Currently Open Websites set app.dedoose.com to On
  8. Click Done

Desktop Application

Available for download:

Windows, Mac, and Linux

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